Sunday January 10th, 2016

First internet provider in New Caledonia, Can’l launched its OTT pay-tv offer called GOtv in october 2012. Proposing around 100 channels , it covers the whole New Caledonian territory.

Since GOtv’s inception, Pixagility has been in charge of transcoding and transporting over IP on the Internet the TV channels captured at Pixagility’s téléport facility in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

Pixagility’s business model and quality of service (99.995% up-time) are part of today’s GOtv success. Within this context, Can’l has decided to renew its trust in Pixagility with a new 3 year long contract.

About Can’l: First Internet Service Provider present in New Caledonia, Can’l covers the New Caledonia’s territory with a full range of services including a TV bouquet since 2012.
About Pixagility: Pixagility is an innovative multi-services digital platform that helps its clients to optimize the value of their video contents. Pixagility works with TV broadcasting companies, telecom operators, internet operators and any companies which own video contents.