Le 15.06.2021

Pixagility opens a POP in Lisbon and Amsterdam

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Pixagility strengthens its global distribution platform with 2 new locations in Lisbon and Amsterdam  
  With the recent addition of a POP in Lisbon at the Equinix LS1 data center and in Amsterdam at the RedBee Hilversum data center, Pixagility now has points of presence on three continents and over 700 active channels in its PIXHUB headend.

Broadcasters, streaming services, telecom operators and other content providers can now directly access the entire catalog of French-speaking channels as well as many English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking channels. With access to Pixagility’s global signal aggregation platform, content providers can now use the PIXHUB platform to deliver high-quality television packages to their viewers.


 “We are very pleased to be able to offer this comprehensive catalog of TV and radio channels on the new points of presence in Lisbon and Amsterdam. This deployment provides broadcasters, streaming services, telecom operators and other content providers with a fast and easy way to access live TV channels and create competitive TV services.”. 
 Philippe Monzein,
COO of Pixagility Group


PIXHUB is a global signal aggregation and distribution platform where live content is easily aggregated from multiple sources across Pixagility’s global network in the highest possible resolution. The network headend currently has over 700 active TV channels and a catalog of over 10,000 activatable TV channels.
PIXHUB acquires signals from more than 100 providers and distributes channels to nearly 50 affiliates worldwide. The PIXHUB platform is also interconnected with Amazon MediaConnect.


About Pixagility

Pixagility, the new Global Hub for Francophone and African content, offers an innovative multi-service video platform that supports its customers in promoting their video content. Pixagility works with TV channels, telecom operators and Internet players who want to implement new and innovative video services.
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