Friday March 2nd, 2018

Pixagility is featured in the article “The IPTV – OTT planet continues to run” published in Mediakwest magazine #25.


“Pixagility becomes a global hub for Francophone and African content

French-speaking… and Anglophone Africa is precisely one of the priority markets of Pixagility, another IPTV and OTT technical distribution service provider, which has also redeployed its strengths to OTT over the past two years. Pixagility has even taken a serious technical and organisational turn in accelerating its transformation towards a more poly-competent technical services activity and a true technical TV distribution hub in all its forms on the African continent.

In this context, Pixagility is both a trusted third party that reassures with its ability to distribute bundles of linear channels to Africa via its brand new data center based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and a provider of functionally advanced services for publishers of linear TV channels or sVOD services.

Thus, while being the distribution hub of Orange’s TV offer in Ivory Coast, Pixagility actively participated in the launch of the playout for two new thematic television channels in the African audiovisual landscape, Passions TV (telenovelas) and Savannah TV (series, films, music and African entertainment), both of which are available on the TV offer operated in Africa by China’s StarTimes. The two channels’ broadcast management is handled by Pixafrica and Pixagility also carries out their routing to the headend of Startimes’ network. Pixagility also produces the playout for Edan TV and Fashion Africa, both dedicated to the African market.

Last summer, Pixagility also contributed to the launch in Orange’s African TV offer of an African version of the Melody d’ Afrique channel published by the Secom group, which also has channels such as My Zen TV or Museum Channel, Grand Lille TV or recently launched Grand Littoral TV (also technically distributed by Pixagility). Broadcast 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Melody d’ Afrique is dedicated to the origins of African music from the 1960s to the present day. And it is no doubt only the beginning of this publisher’s African adventure that has the ambition to make Melody “a reference brand on the heritage of song and variety, and to offer it through multiple offers”. Strongly building on the growth of Francophone culture, this year Pixagility also added a point of presence to its International Distribution Hub in Canada at 151 Front Street datacenter in Toronto. This point of presence allows it to reach a new territory with 10 million Francophones (many of whom are African), but also to attract new customers in the process, such as the channel emci. tv published by the Christian news site

However, the deployment of an IPTV linear channel broadcasting hub on a global scale (Pixagility also has points of presence in data centres in London, Toronto and Miami, as well as in the Middle East and Asia) is only one element of this provider’s international strategy. Pixagility is also gradually positioning itself as an aggregator of technical solutions dedicated to the design and enhancement of OTT content. To do so, Pixagility has recruited this past year high profile OTT professionals such as Ludovic Bostral, well known for his early involvement in the adventure and above all for developing the service of sVOD Afro Stream, and who has become Director of Innovation at Pixagility. His solid technical skills will be called upon, in particular, in order to be able to meet the current strong demand for broadcast, IPTV and OTT distribution services, due to the growing development of Pay-TV offers on the African continent. “Indeed, the distribution of Pay-TV offers in Africa is becoming a real opportunity, points out Ludovic Bostral, because they now reach urban and affluent consumers via various channels, such as optical fibre, and the rapidly expanding 3G and 4G mobile networks. Soon also the Digital Terrestrial Television, which is being rolled out in several parts of the continent, will become an opportunity for Pixafrica, a wholly-owned subsidiary supported by Pixagility, to develop white-label services that will enable the distribution of content to a growing audience.”

In recent weeks, Pixagility has also significantly strengthened its VOD & Catch-upTV division by acquiring Webbe. Pixagility is thus acquiring a new skill in editorial animation, since Webbe was in charge of the editorial animation of SFR channels: sport, cinema, lifestyle… Anatole Begouen, founder and CEO of Webbe is now the new media director of Pixagility and will be in this capacity as a member of the Pixagility team. (…)”


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