Pixagility, an innovative multi-services video-platform

We provide technical and editorial services in order to build and distribute linear video feeds (TV channels, TV bundles, live events, …) and de-linearization of video streams for VOD, Replay TV, Catch-Up TV, …


Editorial animation.

An editorial animation service for your On Demand, VOD, REPLAY and EST corners, promoting contents and novelties, organizing events and promotions, producing promotional programs and managing your communities on social networks.


Linear services.

HUB – Headend: interconnected with the main TV channels. We have one headend in Abidjan and 2 headends in Paris, accessing the available channels above Europe and western Africa.

Playout: based on the latest technologies and 7/7/365 support by a professional operating service, Pixagility provides a Playout service already operating many channels in France and in Africa..

Video Transport on IP: based on innovative solutions for video transport over the internet, Pixagility ensures the contribution of TV channels, TV bundle and broadcast live feed, to cover events all around the world.


VOD services.

VOD & Catch-up TV: Pixagility is the first transcoding and publication platform for VOD and Catch-up TV operators in France and Africa.

OTT Pixplay: to support the development of your TV, VOD, Catchup TV offers and the monetization of your Over The Top (OTT) content, Pixagility’s service Pixplay allows a simple and fast deployment of your video offers interfaced with your business management software.

Content preparation / laboratory: Pixagility is one of the main center of expertise for video content’s preparation and processing.