HUB – Headend

Directly interconnected with the main TV channels editors, Pixagility has 2 headend in Paris and Abidjan.

This infrastructure is accessing the available channels above Europe and western Africa for the constitution of TV bundles and value added TV services.

Each of our sites has a autonomous headend for encoding, encryption, blanking, time-delay, multiplexing, streaming, recording or editing of TV feeds.


Our infrastructure & resources

  • High availability Headend/DataCenter.
  • Satellite coverage: Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • All encryption modes support.
  • Industrial solution for reception, encoding and signal processing.
  • 7/7 monitoring with SNP probes.
  • Optimized interconnection with multiple CDNs.


Main clients

  • The Cube capture and routing of a 70 TV channels bundle in New Caledonia
  • Zeop: capture and routing of a 45 TV channels bundle in Réunion Island
  • Orange Ivory Coast: capture and routing of a 20 TV channels bundle in Ivory Coast
  • And also Molotov, Digicel, Alchimie, Mobile Media Com, Vini, …