About us

Launched in 2010 by Ronan Lunven, Pixagility is an innovative multiservice digital platform that helps its clients to optimize the value of their video contents.

We work with TV broadcasting companies, telecom operators, internet operators and any companies which own video contents.

Pixagility opened a subsidiary in Abidjan, in Ivory Coast, named Pixafrica. It enables Pixagility to have two Hub, one in Europe and another one in Africa, connected each other through fibre optic. The company becomes the first digital provider network in Africa, connected to Europe through Paris and London. The objective of this network is to ensure in both directions, capture, preparation and delivery of African and international audiovisual contents.

Have flexibility and adaptability to ensure projects success Ensure that clients benefit from an up-to-date video platform, able to handle all new standards, technologies and practices
Industrial processes
Develop services by optimizing processes and resources Cover all workflow stages, by offering its clients a total visibility