Monday November 12th, 2018

Pixagility is opening a POP at TERACO in South Africa, a data centre to which all the major TV media groups and telecom operators in the Indian Ocean and southern Africa are connected.

Left, Ronan Lunven, President of Pixagility visiting TERACO Pixagility has provided telcos and TV media groups with global connectivity and networking solutions for 8 years. Its IP and OTT solutions range from non-linear services like VOD/Replay and basic video content capture and preparation, to linear services like TV bouquet transportation and IP on internet contributions. Internationally, the company has 2 hubs (France & Côte d’Ivoire) and several Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in key data centres around the world.

Pixagility has access to most undersea cables around the African continent in order to deliver their services, including Seacom and SAT-3/ WACS/ SAFE. Gaining access to all these carriers and submarine cables in a single facility is one of the reasons that has them deploying within Teraco

“Teraco’s open exchange platform provided us with a point from which to interconnect with all major carriers and TV media groups, linking businesses in South Africa and the Indian Ocean globally” says Ronan Lunven, founder and CEO at Pixagility.

The company also needed a colocation provider that could ensure maximum uptime while it stays focused on its core business. Teraco’s data centres are built to the highest specifications according to global best practice. This guarantees Pixagility top quality facilities with high-speed interconnection, security, fire protection, cooling and cable management all governed by an N+1 policy for an 99.999% guaranteed availability.

The colocation of Pixagility gives organisations within Teraco a key solution to improve regional interconnection between African countries, as well as between Africa and the rest of the world through simple, fast “one-hop” links. Through the many PoPs on the Pixagility backbone, African companies are now just one hop away from Teraco’s Internet Exchange. From there they can connect to the rest of the world through the neutral NAPAfrica peering points, which are colocated inside each of Teraco’s data centre facilities.

Pixagility’s large-scale hub and POPs implementation give customers the ability to buy increasingly advanced video content value added services, which will drive rapid growth in the industry. “With all the major local carriers colocating at our vendor neutral facilities, Teraco has become a natural and convenient convergence point for national and international backbone network access,” says Jan Hnizdo, managing director of Teraco.

About Teraco Data Environments: Founded in 2007, Teraco is South Africa’s first provider of vendor neutral data centres , with an absolute focus on building and operating its data centre facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town to global best practice. Unrestricted choice of network and service provider allows clients to manage traffic to get better value or performance, and creates an open market for partnerships between customers, networks and service providers. Teraco data centres give customers a technically superior, physically more secure and lower cost environment for their information systems. Strictly enforced access control, uncompromised security, guaranteed power, advanced fire protection, efficient cooling, focused cable management and electrical resiliency throughout ensures hardware availability. As business needs change, resources can be rapidly and flexibly scaled. Leading international investors and Treacle Private Equity, a black owned South African private equity group, back Teraco. The company is a Level 4 contributor (DTI Codes). For more information please visit
About Pixagility: Pixagility, new worldwide Hub for french-speaking and African contents, provides an innovative multi-services digital platform that helps its clients in optimizing the value of their video contents. Pixagility works with TV broadcasting companies, telecom operators, internet operators and any companies which own video contents.