Le 25.06.2024

Discover Pixagility’s Production Service 

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If you don’t know us yet, now is the perfect time to discover Pixagility’s Production Service. Our passionate and dedicated team, specialized in creating high-quality visual content, is your ideal partner for all your graphic and video production needs. 

Within Pixagility’s Production Service, we bring together seasoned graphic designers and video editors, all trained in various graphic creation tools in the market. With this expertise, we offer a wide range of services, including graphic production, graphic adaptation, video editing, and motion design.

Graphic Production:
We create eye-catching visuals for various media, from marketing ads to social media content, and corporate newsletters. We also handle adaptations to different formats for all your devices. 
Video Production:
With our expertise in video editing and motion design, we produce creative and engaging videos, ideal for both internal or external communication campaigns, as well as your social media. 

Key Visuals and Key Arts:
We design and adapt key visuals, ensuring a coherent and impactful visual communication for your brand.

We collaborate daily on exciting projects including : 
 Graphic Production : Creation of key arts and key visuals to highlight your content, offers, or upcoming events. 
 TV Barker Videos : Creation of captivating and informativevideo content about the highlights and key moments of your  brands/products.
 Video Game Barkers : Designing immersive videos to showcase a catalog of gaming platforms. 
 Tutorial Videos : Developing series of tutorial videos to help our clients and consumers master various tools or processes. 
 Advertising Spots : Creating scripts, filming with or without actors, editing, and mixing to provide spots adaptable according to the final support format and language.
Being a small team makes us particularly responsive. We know that in the world of media and communication, time is of the essence. That’s why we strive to deliver quick results without ever compromising on quality. Our passion for the creative field and our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly improve our expertise

 Expertise and Quality : A complete mastering of tools, careful attention to detail, and comprehensive knowledge covering design, pre-production, production, and post-production.

Responsiveness : The ability to quickly respond to your needs by adapting to the constraints of every stakeholder.

Creativity : A team passionate about creative challenges, always looking for new ideas to meet your expectations.


About Pixagility

Pixagility, the new Global Hub for Francophone and African content, offers an innovative multi-service video platform that supports its customers in promoting their video content. Pixagility works with TV channels, telecom operators and Internet players who want to implement new and innovative video services.
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