Le 25.04.2024

PUNCH TV chooses PIXAGILITY to launch its channel 

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In the dynamic world of combat sports, PUNCH TV promises a unique experience for all fans. Featuring a multitude of major live events and exclusive interviews, PUNCH TV promises a full immersion in this exciting action filled universe.



Pixagility will broadcast PUNCH TV on Synthesia, a comprehensive and secure SaaS solution for the orchestration and delivery of TV channels. Through a unique web interface, PUNCH TV teams can easily schedule, enrich, broadcast and manage live events.



“PIXAGILITY was instrumental in supporting us and ensuring the deployment of the broadcast infrastructure for our channel and its delivery to distributors. An accomplishment within a very tight timeframe. The intuitive access to the platform with a basic internet connection and a unified interface allows us to work easily and efficiently. Thank you for the support and training of the teams”.


The solution that PIXAGILTY provides allows automatic generation of playlists, dynamic branding around an HTML5 engine, SCTE35 signals and automatic generation of replay content.



This sophisticated solution can also be linked to playlists from an external traffic system, ensuring full compliance with industry standards.


These features help our clients and partners to ensure a versatile and user-friendly broadcasting experience, whether for managing TV channels, FAST channels, or Business Continuity Plans (BCP). PIXAGILITY is eager to understand your specific needs and help unlock your content’s potential in new markets.

About Pixagility

Pixagility, the new Global Hub for Francophone and African content, offers an innovative multi-service video platform that supports its customers in promoting their video content. Pixagility works with TV channels, telecom operators and Internet players who want to implement new and innovative video services.
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