Zeop is an Internet Service Provider in Reunion Island using its own fiber optic and coaxial cable network. Zeop operates a bouquet of nearly 90 national, regional and international channels, the majority of which are offered in High Definition quality.

Issues & Needs

In 2015, Zeop wanted to extend its TV content offer with the integration of HD quality channels.
ZEOP calls upon Pixagility for :

  • Capture 60 French and international television channels.
  • Perform the Time Delay to call the channels in the time zone of the Meeting
  • Make these chains available at a delivery point in the datacenter.
  • Elaborate a flexible solution with development potential for the integration of new TV channels.
  • Ensure the technological coherence of the solutions and their good integration within the technical constraints of ZEOP.
  • Take into account the existing organizational and technical.
  • Ensure that projects are on schedule with respect to key deadlines.

Scope of the project

Launched in 2015, the partnership began with the provision of a few French TV channels. Today, it includes more than 60 French and international TV channels.

Pixagility’s services cover the following scope:

  • Capture up to 60 SD or HD channels.
  • TimeDelay in the Reunion Island time zone
  • Routing on a POP in Datacenter.
  • End-to-end management of a total TV stream of 300 Mb/s of bandwidth.

How the project will be carried out

Pixagility has designed and implemented a tailor-made solution for the capture of channels in France and abroad.

  • Use of the teleport and the Boulogne Billancourt headend for the capture of channels accessible over France.
  • Deployment of international POPs for the recovery of flows that are not accessible in France.
  • Datacenter delivery via the Pixagility network loop
  • Use of an industrial solution for Time Delay and the processing of some streams.
  • Supervision with SNMP solutions and probes.
  • Operation & Supervision 24/7/365 with “Eyes and Hands” service
Pixagility has been supporting the development of our TV bouquet since 2015. The teams are reliable and reactive, service commitments are respected.
Xavier Hermesse
General Manager ZEOP