Le 23.02.2024

TVMonaco launches digital service with Pixagility support

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In the dynamic media landscape, the launch of a channel and its associated services is always a significant event. In this context, Pixagility experts collaborate with TVMonaco to design workflows, support users of new media management solutions, and manage the project, coordinating all manufacturers involved until the acceptance and production launch of the new releases.


One of the crucial aspects of a roll-out is the design of the workflows between all the tools selected by TVMonaco. Through the integration of Mediagenix’s What’s ON traffic system with Next Edition’s Media Asset Manager, we have collaboratively created optimized workflows, facilitating the smooth management of media content from end to end, including the CMS used to manage TVMonaco applications and website.


The success of a project often depends on sound technical advice and rigorous project management. Our team applied its expertise to analysing TVMonaco working methods and adapting them to the data models and technical specifications of each tool involved in the workflow. Project management among various industry players was transparently orchestrated, ensuring smooth communication and effective coordination. The development of temporary solutions by the Pixagility teams, pending the industrialisation of each workflow, was the key to agile deployment within a tight schedule.


The acceptance and production deployment phase are a key milestone in the work of all parties involved. Leveraging on our expertise in audiovisual tools such as Mediagenix’s What’s ON and the various workflows we encounter every day in our own and our clients’ infrastructures, we ensure that the initial project design is implemented robustly, securely and in line with expectations.


In addition to internal workflow implementation, our technical support also extends to the expansion of TVMonaco digital offering. Our team is currently working on delivering of content to ISP platforms and OTT service platforms via our PIXVOD non-linear HUB. This will allow TVMONACO to reach a wider audience and strengthen its digital presence.


In conclusion, working with TVMonaco demonstrates our commitment to technical excellence and our ability to support our customers throughout their media management projects.  We strive to tailor technical workflows to meet the specific needs of users, while ensuring a smooth workflow on a day-to-day basis.


Pixagility is proud to have contributed to the success of this ambitious project and looks forward to continuing its partnership with TVMonaco to meet the many new challenges ahead!


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